A Country Wedding

By Colleen

On a beautiful June day, I married the love of my life amidst the hills of Western Wisconsin. I never knew I could be overwhelmed by so much love.

IMG_5269history insideIMG_5196history insideIMG_5278 colleen getting ready with veilIMG_5411history insideIMG_5320history insideIMG_5526 flower girls before mass IMG_4975history insideIMG_4376history insideIMG_5585 colleen walking inIMG_5639 sitting at church black and whiteIMG_5740 rings    IMG_6433 running photoWedding2Wedding1IMG_5019history insideIMG_8637history inside           IMG_8770being cute IMG_9084 mother and daughter IMG_9168 playing that game with the sacks IMG_9259 carrying the bride and groom  IMG_9382 slattery's being adorableIMG_9347 beatiful slats spinning


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